Community Policing

Community Policing Belmar/Lake Como

The Borough of Belmar Police Department Community Policing Program is a program that includes a more active role for our residents. This platform creates more community involvement and enhances Police Officer relations. By working together, the quality of life concerns within our neighborhood are addressed.  

Residents still go directly to the Police Department 732-681-1700 for emergencies or situations that require IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.  

Belmar and Lake Como has been divided into 4 zones and each zone has been assigned a Police squad. The Sergeant and his Officers assigned to their zones will act as the Police Department’s community outreach specialists. Patrolman Brian Poppert is the Belmar Police Department liaison for Community Policing.

Within the zones, there is a Block Captain for each block, on each street. There is one Zone Chief per area except for the South which has two.

Block Captains are responsible for receiving information from residents within their block. The Block Captains enter the resident’s quality of life concern, such as noise, garbage, overcrowding, etc. into the Community Policing database.

The Zone Chief forwards information to the Sergeant assigned to their zone and sets up periodic meetings with the Sergeant and Sergeant Brian Poppert for Police related concerns.

Throughout the year, if necessary, there will be zone meetings set up with the Sergeant, Officers, and the residents of that zone to discuss quality of life concerns, Community Policing, and discuss any other matters that need to be addressed.

The Zone Chiefs also meet with each other to share neighborhood concerns, what is working within their neighborhood, and how all of this information will help to improve Belmar and Lake Como as a whole.  

Please contact Sergeant Brian Poppert at or 732-681-1700 ext. 501 should you have any questions.  

The 4 zones, Police squads, and Officer contact information is listed below:



North Zone

(1st-10th Avenue, Ocean Avenue to Main Street)

Zone Chief

Sgt. Allen-, phone extension 517

PO. Kelly-, phone extension 560

PO. Clayton-, phone extension 598

PO. T.Yee-, phone extension 520

South Zone

10th Avenue-North Blvd.

Sgt. Nolan-, phone extension 554

PO. Lieb-, phone extension 556

PO. McGill-, phone extension 519

PO. Speakman-, phone extension 197


West Zone

West of Main Street to include the Marina

Zone Chief Email:

Sgt. Poppert-  phone extension 501 

PO. Jones-, phone extension 199

PO. Groome-, phone extension (coming soon)


Zone Lake Como

Zone Chief

Sgt. M. Yee-  phone extension 555 

PO. A Steneck- phone extension 175

PO. N. Hawkins- phnoe extension 512

PO. C. Whitman- phone extension 518

PO. K. Marron- phone extension 513