Beachfront Reconstruction Plan

Taylor Pavilion & 10th Avenue Pavilion

Taylor and 10th Avenue Pavilions are poised to proceed into construction.  Click here for the final design of each building as publicly bid.

Taylor Pavilion Design

10th Avenue Pavilion Design




Welcome to Belmar's Boardwalk Reconstruction Plan.  Please visit this page for the most up to date information on our progress in designing, constructing and opening our new boardwalk.

We would love to hear from you! Please email to give us your ideas, thoughts or any questions you may have.

~2,800 Pilings

~14,000 Boards

~500,00 Screws

Bit by bit, we will be rebuilding and be back by Memorial Day.


EPIC Construction: Belmar's Boardwalk Contractor

Contract Documents & Signature Page

Invoices #1, #2

Change Order #1


Belmar Boardwalk Section Reconstruction Drawing

Click here to download the above specs in PDF format


Belmar Boardwalk Reconstruction Bid

On Friday, November 30, 2012, Mayor Matthew J. Doherty announced that the Borough of Belmar has released for public bid, the construction of a boardwalk. The Mayor stated: “Belmar has had a boardwalk every summer since 1875, and this summer will be no different.  While we continue to help families and businesses in town clean up and recover, rebuilding the boardwalk in time for this summer is an important step towards bring our community back from the devastation Sandy caused.” Read more...

IMPORTANT NOTE:These bid specs are available to download to everyone, if you are a CONTRACTOR wishing to bid please contact Birdsall Engineering to ensure that you are on the list for those wishing to bid:

Click here to review the bid documents - Click here to review the Reconsctruction Plans

Click here to review the Boardwalk Reconstruction Cost Estimates


Boardwalk Bid Responses    Press Release - Awarding Contract for Boardwalk Construction


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