04 Dec 2022

Belmar Arts Center: Stelma and David Sancious Piano Fundraiser FOOD/CONCERT Event


12:00 PM - 05:00 PM




Taylor Pavilion
500 Ocean Ave



Join us for this special event from the Belmar Arts Center

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BYOB Event. Doors open at 12pm!

A night of amazing #Local music and food to raise money to honor former #Belmar residents Stelma and #DavidSancious.

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#PressRelease from the BAC:
The Belmar Arts Center wants to join in celebrating the town’s 150th Anniversary in a way that reflects our appreciation for their continued partnership, generosity and support over the years. We would like to further our founding mission of making life in Belmar better through the arts and honor the family of one of Belmar’s most successful residents, David Sancious and his mother, Stelma.

Stelma Sancious and her husband, Jimmy V. Sr., moved their family of five to Belmar in 1959, determined to have their 3 boys grow up in a better neighborhood and environment than their
old home. David was 6 years old. It just so happened that the house they bought on E Street came with an upright piano as part of the deal. Stelma was a trained classical pianist in her own right, with a preference for Chopin as well as Debussy and Beethoven. She would play the piano in her spare time and David would sit on the stairs and watch and listen to her. Hearing and recognizing David’s raw talent and interest, Stelma started teaching David how to play the piano, beginning with proper finger placement, scales, etc. In the process she developed and nurtured David’s love of music, which in turn set David onto a lifelong musical career.

Throughout David’s school years he studied classical and jazz music, both on piano and guitar. He began playing gigs in Asbury Park in his late teens and eventually met a young up-and-coming rock musician named Bruce, with whom he formed a band that practiced in his mother’s basement on E Street and led to the rise of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

After playing on the first three albums with Bruce Springsteen, David moved on to his own solo career, creating a new band, Tone, producing four albums before producing two solo albums on his own. Recognized by other musicians, David’s musical talents were in demand and he went on to a career as a session and touring musician, playing with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Sting, Eric Clapton, Jon Anderson of YES and Hall & Oates.

David’s success story is Belmar’s success story as well. The town’s historic diversity and openness created an environment that allowed people of different backgrounds to live together
in harmony, allowing David to pursue his passion for music without some of the societal pressures that other towns were saddled with. His career and fame has come back to Belmar in
the form of many visitors seeking out the roots of one of music’s greatest artists.

In recognition of David’s contributions to the American music culture on a global scale, his mother Stelma’s talents and efforts in nurturing his musical passion, his father and two brothers
for supporting the pursuit of his passion and finally the town of Belmar for the open and diverse environment that resulted in David’s and many other success stories, the Trustees of the
Belmar Arts Center would like to honor them with the "Sancious, Piano In Pyanoe Plaza Project".

This project will acquire and install a weatherproof outdoor piano in Pyanoe Plaza, the de facto town center of Belmar. Built by Cadenza Pianos, the piano is designed to be the most durable
instrument in the world, able to withstand heavy use, UV rays, moisture and dust. The piano can be played by anyone at any time, and has many advanced modern features that will make it
perform at any level with high quality performance. Currently installed in over 350 towns and cities in Europe, Belmar’s would be among the first in North America.

Long after the dedication and anniversary celebrations are over, this public piano will continue to provide opportunities to bring live music to the center of Belmar year round, and allow young
budding musicians the opportunity to play and practice their skills like David.

We need your help in reaching our goal to make this project happen. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of Belmar’s story. In supporting this project you will play a key role in furthering the Mission of the Belmar Arts Center and honoring one of Belmar’s most successful musicians whose success brings many visitors back to Belmar, contributing to our economy and #History.

You will also help provide Belmar with a very unique feature that will stand out from many other towns, enhancing our desirability as a destination and a place to raise a family.

Visit their website at www.belmararts.org, there you can learn more about this #Amazing project!