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Taxes & Water/Sewer

View the Status of Your Tax and Water/Sewer Account Here

Tax Bill Information:

For tax bill information, call (732) 681-3700 from 9:00 to 4:30 – Mon to Fri.

All tax payments should be mailed to:

Borough of Belmar
PO Box A
Belmar, NJ 07719

Tax bills can also be paid in person at Borough Hall, 601 Main St. between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Tax bills are mailed once a year in the month of July. This bill has four payment stubs, with the first payment being due on August 1st. Quarterly Tax Payments are due on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. There is a 10-day grace period for each payment due. In accordance with NJ State law, payments made after the grace period accrue interest at the rate of 8% per annum for the first $1,500 due and 18% per annum for all amount owed over $1,500.

Tax Bill Calculation

Your tax bill is calculated based on the assessment of your property, which is set by the Tax Assessor on October 1st of the previous year, which is then multiplied by the current year’s tax rate. The yearly bill is a combination of the Municipal, Board of Education and County tax rates, which are set upon the adoption of each entity’s respective budget. The February and May payments due for Property Taxes are estimated taxes and equate to ½ of the previous year’s total bill. The August and November bills are based on the total taxes due for the year less the payments made in February and May to come up with a balance due for the year that is then split into two quarterly payments.

The Tax Assessor is available on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm by appointment (contact assessor@belmar.com)


Property Tax Relief



Senior Tax Freeze Information 

Senior Freeze Eligibility


Assesor's Helpul Internet Links: 

The Monmouth County Board of Taxation website provides access to almost all assessment records. Click one of the links below.

Tax Maps




 If you agree with the assessed value shown, you do not need to do anything.

If you disagree with the assessed value shown,  you may file an appeal with the Mo nmouth County Board of Taxatio n. Forms, instructions and a guide to the process Understanding Property Assessment Appeals for Monmouth County may be obtained at https://secure.njappealonline.com/prodappeals/login.aspx or through your municipal assessor at the address printed on the reverse of this notice.

Assessment appeals filed with the Monmouth County Board of Taxation must be filed on or before January 15 or 45 days from  the date mailed, as it appears on the front of this notice, whichever date is later.

Also, note that the Monmouth County Board of Taxation has developed an online appeal system accessed via htt ps://sec ure. njappealonline.com. Traditional "paper" appeals are also available at your municipal assessor's office.

If the assessed value exceeds $1,000,000, you  have the option of filing your appeal directly with the· Tax Court at PO Box 972, Hughes Justice Complex, Trenton, New Jersey 08625. Pursuant to N.J .S.A. 54:3-21(a)(2), all assessment appeals filed directly to the Tax Court  must  be filed on  or  before April 1 or  45 days from  the  date mailed  as  it appears on  this assessment notice, whichever date is later.  Forms which you may use to file your complaint may be found at htt p://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/taxcout/dcmform.html.

This assessment  will be used  to  calculate your  pro pe rty tax bill. Do not multiply last year's property tax rate by the current year's assessment value to determine taxes for the current year.

Residential sales book 2016 for comparisons: click here


Water/Sewer Bill Information:

For water/sewer bill information, call (732) 681-3700 extension 218 from 9:00 to 4:30 – Mon to Fri

Belmar residents are billed quarterly for their water/sewer usage. Your meter is read by an authorized employee of the Borough of Belmar, and all bills reflect your actual water/sewer usage.

Payment on a water/sewer bill is due on the 1st of every month. Bills are mailed quarterly in March, June, September and December. The total amount due for the quarter appears on the top right side of the bill. You may pay the entire bill, or if you chose to extend your payment over 3 months, the bill will have three payment stubs with the amounts that will be due on the first of each month. To pay monthly, detach one of the three stubs on the bottom of the bill, which each show one-third of the total amount due, and mail with your payment.

Please make sure to include your account number, which appears on the top of your water/sewer bill, on your check.

IMPORTANT: Payment must be received by the 30th day of the month. Any payment received after this grace period will be charged interest of 18% per annum.

Mail all water/sewer payments to:

Borough of Belmar
P.O. Box A
Belmar, NJ 07719


Anyone using 5,000 gallons per quarter or less per is billed at a minimum fee of $77.35 per quarter.

If your consumption is more than 5,000 gallons per quarter, you are billed at the current water/sewer rate of $15.47 per 1,000 gallons. (This breaks down to $6.61 for water and $8.86 for sewer.)

Your bill is based on the following calculation:

Present reading minus previous reading = total usage for the quarter, divided by 1,000 x $15.47 = current amount due for the quarter

For example, if your May meter reading showed 875,700 and your August meter reading showed 885,040, the calculation would be:

885,040 – 875,700 = 9,340 gallons used during the quarter

9,340 / 1,000=9.34 x $15.47 = $144.49 for the quarter or 48.16 per month.

If you have a separate metered account for a lawn sprinkler system, you will be charged for water at a rate of $6.61/1,000 gallons. No minimum quarterly fee of $77.35 will be charged.

If you have a fire sprinkler system, you will be billed yearly.


If payment is not received by the 30th day of the month in which it is due, interest will be charged from the original due date at an interest rate of 18% per annum

If payment is not made within 90 days of the original billing, it will be considered delinquent. Ten days notification about the intention to disconnect the water service will be sent to the customer’s last known address through regular mail. Water services will be terminated by the borough or authorized agent. Services will only be restored upon payment in full of all water/sewer charges, including interest accrued and an additional charge of $100 for restoration.

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